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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Only licensed Funeral Professionals are permitted to purchase embalming fluids. All orders are subject to final approval prior to shipping.
Product Code: CHFLF78
Tissue Guard 32 Plus has been reformulated as a result of a recent finding that the chemical ethylene dichloride is not safe for septic systems. This chemical has been removed from the fluid and the name has been changed to Tissue Guard 32. If your prep room is attached to a septic system then you should use this fluid in place of 36 Plus. Use of Tissue Guard 32 results in a firm but not overly hard body. The effect of a special blend of humectant chemicals and water-soluble lanolin modifies this 32 index arterial fluid so that the body retains some flexibility and natural feel. Its special dye system, the TISSUE GUARD SYSTEM, is designed to give a warm, even cosmetic effect; not the harsh effect sometimes obtained using unmodified dyes. We have armed this fluid with a particularly effective wetting agent. The wetting agent assures thorough distribution and deep penetration of body tissues for lasting preservation. 24 pints per case.

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HOW TO USE THE FLUIDFor normal cases, use 8 to 10 ounces of Tissue Guard 32 per gallon of water. For difficult cases, 12 to 16 ounces can be used in accordance with professional judgement. In hard water areas, add 2 to 4 ounces of Water/Clot Guard. Also add Water/Clot Guard when moderate to heavy clotting is anticipated or distribution seems to be poor.


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