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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Only licensed Funeral Professionals are permitted to purchase embalming fluids. All orders are subject to final approval prior to shipping.
Product Code: CHFLFC90
Dry Guard’s special formula results in excellent penetration and preservation of tissue. The affected tissue is very firm and dry, assuring the embalmer that the tissues of the cavities are well preserved. The possibility of missed areas within the cavities, and subsequent decomposition, is reduced by the penetrating ability of the fluid. As a surface pack, Dry Guard helps to firm and preserve areas of skin slip and spongy tissue. The combination of its penetrating power and its ability to reduce moisture in tissue makes it outstanding for this purpose among cavity fluids. Dry Guard, when used externally or just under the skin, will help to bleach darkened areas and reduce swollen areas.24 pints per case.

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HOW TO USE THE FLUIDFor regular cavity work on a normal body, use 1 or 2 pints of Dry Guard. Larger bodies, or those with extensive putrefaction, may require 2 to 3 pints according to the dictates of professional judgment. Re-aspiration and the use of additional cavity fluid is always recommended with any cavity fluid. As a pack for skin slip, bed sores, and other troubling surface problems, saturate cotton or toweling with Dry Guard and place it on the affected area. Cover with plastic to control any fumes and direct the fluid into the problem area. For use as a bleach or to reduce swollen areas apply as a surface pack as above. For deeper discolorations or swelling, hypo into the affected area according to need.


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