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Product Code: CHFLFS94
For cases showing signs of dehydration the co-injection to choose is Humectant. An emulsion of several special oils and moisturizing agents, Humectant helps to fill sallow tissue and return a life-like appearance and skin texture. Wrinkling is controlled and a proper moisture level is restored. The moisture loving chemicals in Humectant work to prevent further dehydration by retarding the escape of water from surface tissues and restoring the moisture level in deeper tissues. In addition to its ability to rehydrate tissue, Humectant modifies the harsh action of formaldehyde and softens the color of the dyes used in arterial fluids. A more pliable and life-like tissue results with an excellent cosmetic effect. Packed 12 bottles per case.

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For superior results use 2 to 6 ounces of Humectant in each gallon of diluted arterial fluid. On normal bodies Humectant can be used at 1 to 4 ounces per gallon of diluted arterial fluid to enhance the tissue feel and cosmetic effect, and to retard moisture loss.


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Ryan Smith from DeWitt, NY United States
March 9, 2024
Works Nicely
Prevents chemical burn when you really have to hit them hard for the longs winter months in the vault.
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