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Product Code: CHFLFS85
Premium Jaundice brings together three factors found to be effective with jaundiced bodies. 1) It contains a chemical which bleaches the color of bilirubin, the pigment responsible for the yellowing of the tissue. 2) It contains a generous number of agents designed to promote distribution throughout the body, and thus facilitate the flushing of yellow pigment from the body. 3) It also contains a low level of formaldehyde (8 index) so that large volumes of diluted fluid can effectively be used to flush the body. In addition, Premium Jaundice contains a special chemical to counter the effect of formaldehyde on bilirubin, which many embalmers feel is the cause of “green” bodies which sometimes develop after embalming. Even when large volumes of diluted fluid are injected, water-logging is not a problem because of the moisture balancing chemicals formulated into Premium Jaundice.Packed 24 bottles per case.

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HOW TO USE THE FLUID Inject Premium Jaundice at 4 to 8 ounces per gallon of diluted arterial fluid. Use a sufficient number of gallons to completely flush the body. Intermittent drainage is recommended to assist the flushing process. A higher index arterial fluid can be injected at the end of the flushing process if further preservation is felt to be necessary. Thoroughly wash the face and other exposed areas of the body with soap and water to remove the yellow pigment that has surfaced. Some embalmers prefer to use a mild phenol solution to help bleach the yellowing that may have surfaced. Rose Colortone can be added to the diluted arterial injection fluid to counter any remaining yellow color.


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