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Product Code: CHFLFS89
For emaciated cases we recommend Tissue Aid. This supplemental embalming fluid contains special moisture retaining compounds known as natural colloids. Natural colloids are particularly effective at working from within a body to recover the proper hydration level in the cells so that the body’s natural appearance and form are restored. Sunken tissue is filled out and moisture loss from the body is retarded. The skin also regains a soft, smooth texture and more natural feel. Tissue Aid is particularly useful in holding the moisture level under low humidity conditions which would result when the air conditioning or the heating system is running almost continuously. It also modifies the harsh action of formaldehyde to furnish a more pliable and life-like feel to the body. 24 pints per case.

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HOW TO USE THE FLUIDTissue Aid should be used on emaciated cases at 4 to 8 ounces per gallon of diluted arterial fluid. It is usually added to the last gallon to be injected. For best results Tissue Aid should be injected under conditions of restricted or closed drainage so that the body is adequately filled out and the proper moisture level is established.For normal cases, Tissue Aid should be used at 1 to 3 ounces per gallon of diluted arterial fluid. It can be used at the beginning of the embalming process or added to the last gallon as described above.


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