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Product Code: CHFLFS90
For outstanding control of hard water salts, Water/Clot Guard is the choice. Frequently the cause of a blotchy appearance and fading color, hard water that exceeds 80 ppm calcium carbonate cannot be neutralized by the chemicals in arterial fluid alone. Hard water salts work against the embalmer in several ways. They react with some of the dyes frequently used in arterial fluids to reduce or eliminate their color. The salts also react with many of the anionic surfactants used in arterials so that the improved distribution and penetration brought about by these chemicals is lost. A blotchy body is the result. Because Water/Clot Guard neutralizes calcium salts it also prevents further clotting of the blood and helps to break up clots and congealed blood. Calcium ion is required for blood clotting. Water/Clot Guard chemically ties up calcium so that further clotting cannot occur. In addition to its ability to counter the effects of hard water salts and prevent clotting, Water/Clot Guard has the ability to activate glutaraldehyde. Glutaraldehyde functions best at a pH of 8 to 8.5. Water/Clot Guard, because of the alkaline nature of its components, can raise the pH of the mix to which it is added to the proper pH range. The result is activation of the glutaraldehyde and improved fluid function because of softer water and clot control. 24 pints per case.

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HOW TO USE THE FLUIDWater/Clot Guard should be used at 2 to 4 ounces per gallon of diluted arterial fluid for fluids containing either formaldehyde or glutaraldehyde. It is best to add the Water/Clot Guard first to the dilution fluid, then add the arterial fluid. When used with Frigid’s Leak Guard, use Water/Clot Guard at one half the number of ounces of Leak Guard to activate the glutaraldehyde.


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